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Given the current economic climate and decline in U.S. and worldwide consumption across many industries, companies are continuously looking for business opportunities abroad. MAS, a family owned and operated business, was established with the sole purpose to provide specific sales and marketing services to companies who seek to expand their reach to new Latin American & Caribbean markets and in doing so require additional resources and knowledge. As your partner, MAS will contribute over forty five (45) years of expertise in the distribution of a wide range of products to various channels in the region and will provide undivided attention to the needs of our customers in the assigned markets. Over time we have built an extensive distribution network for both prestige and mass-market products in over 30 countries in the region.

MAS’s mission is to provide an unparalleled level of sales and marketing services to our customers at an affordable cost, to maximize their sales, market share and profitability, ensuring the continued growth and prosperity of MAS Global Enterprise, LLC, its shareholders and its employees.

Our Services

Mas As An Agent

MAS serves as the contact between the supplier and his customer base on all aspects of the business relationship

Master Distributor

MAS provides agency services in addition to value-adding wholesale distribution services

Mas As a Consultant

our management team is well positioned to offer business consulting and “go to market” services

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