Our Services

MAS is a family owned and operated full-service company whose sole objective is to facilitate business. From health registrations management to merchandising, MAS is your “one-stop shop” for building business in Latin America & the Caribbean!


1. MAS is a small organization with dedicated resources to address our customers’ specific needs

2. MAS has a strong understanding of the business culture in each market to allow suppliers to better serve its customers in the region

3. MAS has strong & extensive business relationships with key distributors and retailers in the region

4. MAS enjoys a history of successful sales development of a variety of product categories in all channels of distribution:

5. MAS saves our partners’ money. Suppliers do not allocate resources for T & E expenses to develop markets since the customer servicing costs are already included in our service offering

6. MAS allows for the supplier to maintrol control of its customer base

7. MAS facilitates an arm’s distance relationship between the supplier and customer for negotiating purposes

 Guaranteed results – Risk free.

MAS can add value to your organization through several business models. Learn how MAS can be of service to your organization by clicking on the subheaders in the Services menu.

Our Services

Mas As An Agent

MAS serves as the contact between the supplier and his customer base on all aspects of the business relationship

Master Distributor

MAS provides agency services in addition to value-adding wholesale distribution services

Mas As a Consultant

our management team is well positioned to offer business consulting and “go to market” services


Our customer base and distribution network fall into two distinct channels:

The Prestige or Premium Market

Travel, Retail & Duty Free
Domestic markets through a distribution network that specializes in prestige branded products. Our primary focus is on department stores, hotel  shops, perfumeries and high-end pharmacies.

Mass Market

We have established an extensive domestic distributor network specializing in mass market channels. These channels include, but are not limited to, wholesalers, supermarkets, pharmacies, and smaller retailers .

Our current portfolio includes products in the following categories: