Our Company

Given the current economic climate and decline in U.S. and worldwide consumption across many industries, companies are continuously looking for business opportunities abroad. MAS, a family owned and operated business, was established with the sole purpose to provide specific sales and marketing services to companies who seek to expand their reach to new Latin American & Caribbean markets and in doing so require additional resources and knowledge. As your partner, MAS will contribute over forty five (45) years of expertise in the distribution of a wide range of products to various channels in the region and will provide undivided attention to the needs of our customers in the assigned markets. Over time we have built an extensive distribution network for both prestige and mass-market products in over 30 countries in the region.

Our Company’s primary responsibility is to service the needs of our customers and facilitate the flow of communication between the supplier and the customer in order to maximize business opportunities. This objective is achieved in two ways:
  1. Having long ago recognized the old adage that “time is money”, MAS addresses the specific needs of the supplier and prepare a successful business model for their products in order to deliver a network of reputable distributors in a short period of time
  2. MAS understands the business culture and requirements of the region and serves as a liaison between the supplier and the distributor to enhance the business relationship.
MAS has developed a WIN-WIN business model for all parties. MAS thoroughly explores all potential opportunities after understanding the needs and requirements of our customers and performs detailed product portfolio reviews to determine the critical path for success in the agreed-upon territory and channel of distribution. These critical components include:
We operate with the highest integrity and believe that our reputation, our network and our proven results over time speak for themselves.